The BMW Store is located on a beautiful, but small parcel of land in a busy district located in Vancouver. In such a high-traffic area, this busy BMW dealership was looking for a solution to parking and storing their luxury cars indoors and reached out to Babco to help solve this problem in 2008. The indoor area they had reserved for vehicles consisted of only 18 parking spots and was fast becoming inadequate to accommodate their parking needs. Tasked with figuring out how to logistically expand The BMW Store’s indoor parking and storage, the team at BabcoPark came up with the answer – to install 18 BR-6600T. This created 54 parking spots as opposed to the original 18 – tripling their indoor storage capacity instantly.

After the installation of our indoor BR-6600T we were approached to help them increase their outdoor service parking area as well. By installing 11 BendPak HD-9 series lifts we were able to increase The BMW Store’s outdoor parking capacity from 11 to 22 spaces easily.

In 2017 The BMW Store’s sales department outgrew their space and needed another solution to expanding with a limited footprint. Our solution was to provide another 5 BR-6600T Triple Stackers and 5 BendPak HD-9 Series lifts, essentially turning their 10 outdoor parking spots into 25. Now this busy downtown Vancouver dealership has not only dramatically increased their parking indoors, but massively increased their outdoor parking and storage as well. In 2019 the service department challenged BabcoPark to come up with a solution to their woes and once again, BabcoPark team delivered by installing 12 A6S Autostacker scissor lifts and 2 of the HD-973P Triple lifts.

BabcoPark completed 52 stackers both indoor and OUTDOOR on concrete and asphalt installation for The BMW Store between 2008 and 2019. This project has 23 triple stackers of BR-6600T, 16 HD-9 series 4-post, 12 A6S Autostackers Scissor and 2 of the triple HD-973P.