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With the Canadian real estate market setting record highs, architects and developers are faced with the extra challenges of achieving the maximum number of apartments within a tight space. Normally it’s a difficult task to secure enough parking spots for all residents in such a congested space, but with the help of BabcoPark and the wide range of solutions we carry, specifically for the multi-family residential market, you can achieve your ideal parking goals without the need to add expensive extra parking levels. Please check our case studies for some of our completed projects.

  • 2-Post Double Stacker

    • Perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor parking
    • Highly adaptable, customizable, and cost-efficient car stackers
    • Ganged column design allows multiple installations in minimum space
    • Can be configured for drive-through and tandem parking applications
  • Pit Lift

    • Independent access to each vehicle.
    • Ideal solution for low ceiling height parking.
    • Offers solid corrugated platform.
    • Offers multiple dimensions and customization flexibility
  • Puzzle Parking Lift

    • Design Build systems available in many variations and custom designs
    • You can build up to 15 levels configuration
    • Independent access to each vehicle with no pit required
    • The unique system design, shorten the waiting time for parking and retrieval

Featured Multi-Family Residential Case Study

  • Multi-Family Residential – Barrie, ON

    Caliber Structures Limited is a multi faceted company. The team of varied professionals has unmatched knowledge, skill, experience and commitment in all aspects of construction including residential, commercial and mixed-use. They recognize that every project is unique, with a distinct set of challenges. They face these challenges head on, with extensive research, honed experience, innovative strategies and collaboration. From start to finish, they get the job done with the highest standards in quality.
    BabcoPark will start 6 stackers installation for Caliber Structures in the first phase and will follow with 15 more stackers in the second phase. This project will start in 2023 and will feature the BR-6000 2-post lift.

    Configuration: 2-Post Parking Stackers

    Levels: 2

    Developer: Caliber Structure

    Number of spaces: 42

    Project Type: Residential

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