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Rugged, Compact & Designed For Repeated Use

The Tripark is a two-post triple stacking storage / parking lift perfect for tripling the space of compact areas. With a 5,510lb. capacity per platform, the Omer Tripark is sure to accommodate most lifting or storage needs.

Key Features

  • Built to a higher standard of quality; made in Italy by OMER, a world leader in Vehicle Lift Manufacturing with over 40 years’ experience.
  • Compact design–utilizing a minimal footprint, optimizing efficiency and allowing for the maximum number of vehicles in a given space.
  • Efficiency & Longer Life Time – The platform carriage is guided by wheels and reinforced nylon guides, reducing the friction between the column and carriage and lowering the power needed for operation.
  • Channeled galvanized platforms reduce rust & drain water away from the vehicle below.
  • Flexibility – uniquely balanced and reinforced to allow vehicles to be parked facing either forward or backward, with no need for weight to be evenly distributed.
  • 5,510lb. capacity per platform

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