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The Subterra Parking Lift is the most innovative invisible parking solution available to the home market and auto aficionados everywhere. Designed to move vehicles from ground level to an underground space much like an elevator, our Subterra Lifts are perfect for storing and transporting vehicles safely and easily.

With significant lifting capabilities and available in single and double-deck models, these rugged scissor-based lifts make transporting your prized vehicles a cinch. While both single and double-deck Subterra Lifts will safely and easily transport your vehicles from one level to another, our double-deck version goes a step further by allowing you to park a second vehicle on the top deck, flush with the ground, fully concealing the vehicle below it.

Created with residential and smaller commercial applications in mind, the Subterra Lift is perfect for securing your prized vehicles away from the elements while keeping them fully concealed and protected.

Dealerships can also take advantage of a Subterra Lift by utilizing the quick and easy system of transporting vehicles from the showroom to an underground parking area, making it easy to switch out showcase vehicles in a heartbeat.

Key Features

  • Custom made solution to fit your needs
  • Loaded with safety features
  • CSA Approved
  • Technical & Sale support starts at the Design stage
  • Trained installation crew

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