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BabcoPark has a wide array of solutions to accommodate the most challenging parking issues. Dealerships, collision shops, airport parking and towing companies, all have one thing in common – they all face the challenge of outdoor parking. Our long list of parking solutions includes double and triple parking stackers, scissor stackers designed for outdoor parking and some that are even able to accommodate installation on asphalt.

  • 2-Post Double Stacker

    • Perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor parking
    • Highly adaptable, customizable, and cost-efficient car stackers
    • Ganged column design allows multiple installations in minimum space
    • Can be configured for drive-through and tandem parking applications
  • 2-Post Triple Stacker

    • Built to a higher standard of quality; made in Italy by OMER, a world leader in Vehicle Lift Manufacturing with over 40 years’ experience.
    • Compact design–utilizing a minimal footprint, optimizing efficiency and allowing for the maximum number of vehicles in a given space.
    • Efficiency & Longer Life Time – The platform carriage is guided by wheels and reinforced nylon guides, reducing the friction between the column and carriage and lowering the power needed for operation.
    • Channeled galvanized platforms reduce rust & drain water away from the vehicle below.
    • Flexibility – uniquely balanced and reinforced to allow vehicles to be parked facing either forward or backward, with no need for weight to be evenly distributed.
    • 5,510lb. capacity per platform
  • 4-Post Quad Stacker

    • Electric key switch control for security and safety
    • Automatic shut-off if operator releases the key switch
    • Solid platform to prevent fluid leakage
    • Powder coated for outdoor use
  • 4-Post Quintuple Stacker

    • Electric key switch control for security and safety
    • Automatic shut-off if operator releases the key switch
    • Solid platform to prevent fluid leakage
    • Powder coated finish
    • Optional galvanization for outdoor use
    • Proven quality tested by CWB, TUV, CE compliant
  • 4-Post Triple Stacker

    • Perfect for cars, trucks, and SUVs
    • Platforms feature full-length aluminum decking
    • Multi-position safety locks in each column
    • Automatic safety locks combined with redundant anti-fall devices
    • Padded trip bar with limit switch prevents lower vehicle from contacting upper platform
  • Scissor Lift

    • 6,000‐lb. lifting capacity
    • Accommodates cars, light trucks and SUVs
    • Rugged, welded‐steel construction is strong and durable
    • Full‐width, gradual sloping platform reduces entry ramp height
    • Automatic safety locks engage at five different parking heights
    • Dual, direct‐drive hydraulic lifting cylinders
    • Variable height parking accommodates a wide range of vehicle and ceiling heights
    • Space‐saving design is perfect for commercial or residential applications

Featured Outdoor Surface Lots Case Study

  • Car Dealership – Barnes Wheaton GM, South Surrey, BC

    VOTED #1 IN CUSTOMER SERVICE. They know what makes an exceptional experience when purchasing a vehicle, and they are dedicated to providing the best of the best for their customers. They vow to meet and exceed your expectations, and the dealer promise is backed up by the support of the surrounding South Surrey and White Rock communities who have voted them the #1 place to purchase a vehicle for 5 years.

    BabcoPark completed 46 stackers OUTDOOR installation on concrete and asphalt for the Barnes Wheaton GM in 2022. This project has both 23 triple stackers of HD-973P/HD-973PX and 23 A6S Autostacker Scissor lifts.

    See the install

    Configuration: Triple Parking Stackers

    Levels: 3

    Number of spaces: 69

    Project Type: Car Dealership

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